Tall Pine Stables - Company Message
Tall Pine Stables offers on-site OR off-site horse lessons for "Pre-Beginners" to "Intermediate" riders, with the emphasis on balance and strength, safety, horse care and health, and management.
While we are a show barn, we think our horses and riders benefit from a variety of experiences, including trailering to farms watch and ride, attending clinics, showing, volunteering, and more. The farm is active in hunter/western pleasure, showmanship, halter, and trail and we take our students in the direction they wish to go no matter the discipline.
Lesson horses are available, we also offer traveling lessons to work with you and your own horse!

Riding Levels
  • Pre-Beginner riders are completely inexperienced with horses and need to be taught everything from the ground up.
  • Beginner riders have some basic knowledge and are comfortable walking on their own. Most are in process of learning balance and the trot.
  • Advanced Beginner riders should have basic horse knowledge and have mastered the walk, trot, and posting trot. (Group lessons are available)
  • Intermediate riders should have basic horse knowledge and have mastered the walk, trot, posting trot, and canter.
    (Group lessons are available)
  • Advanced riders have good horse knowledge, ground and riding skills. Is able to perform and/or ride everything in the horses ability.
    (Group lessons are available)

Riding Lessons
- Private / Group -
30 Minutes - $20 / $15 (per person)
60 Minutes - $40 / $30 (per person)
90 Minutes - $60 / $50 (per person)
Four 30 Minutes - $60 /
$50 (per person)
 Four 60 Minutes - $140 / $125 (per person)

Ground Lessons
- Private / Group -
30 Minutes - $20 / $15 (per person)
45 Minutes - $30/ $20 (per person)
60 Minutes - $40 / $30 (per person)
(Practice of all in-hand activities, exercise, handler and horse workout)
* If interested in Group Lessons or Training, please send us an email.*


* Travel Charge - $.50 per additional mile
 (Travel Charge applies to those who are more than 10 miles from TPS)
* 24 hour cancellation notice required or $10 fee applies in order to reschedule.
(Must pay in advance)

* No Call, No Show will result in a $20 fee in order to reschedule.
(Must pay in advance)

* Group Lessons are ONLY available for advanced beginners and up, for safety reasons.
* Riding Age Minimum: 4 years old / Riding Weight Limit: 170lbs
* Lessons will be cancelled in extreme conditions (excessively hot or cold temperatures, rain, snow, etc.). All lessons cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled.
* Discounts are given for purchasing multiple lessons in advance.
* Discounts are offered on Facebook.