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Mane Pulling, Banding, & Braiding Clinic

Jac Jones is a professional in the American Quarter Horse Assoccation. She started out in the hunters as a child and is familar in both worlds.

Jac does training and instruction from her farm in Covington Va and also judges in the open show circuit. She started out doing manes at a young age and has been able to work under some well known trainers with grooming. Her skills are top notch. She has done manes for hunter shows.. wkend quarter horse shows up to congress top ten horses. I do my own pulling,banding, and braiding but if Im at an event that Jac is as I pay her to do my
horses as she can run circles around my banding and braiding. I dont mind admitting that because its true :) Jac is blessed with talent of teaching her skills she makes it very easy to understand and with practice you'll be great too!
This clinic will have several things you can choose from.. just want your horse to get a good mane pulling that you can keep up yourself afterwards throughout th year? Or do you want to just watch a demo of a pulling?Braiding? or Banding? She will offer all three to watch. OR bring your own horse to get pulling,Braiding,or banding. She will teach you one on one with your horse or just watch a demo with one of ours!

*** Jac has decided to also do a leg wrapping demo! THIS IS FREE! If your wrapping wrong
you could be putting your horse in Danger! She will teach how to do this correct, safe, and neat!

Prices are as follows:
Watching any demo is $15.00
Bring your horse for a mane pulling lesson is $30.00 (you will have the chance to set up close with her and learn!)
Bring your horse for pulling, banding or braiding lesson 45.00 (up close lesson with Jac)
Bring your horse for banding or braiding or Braiding lesson (horses mane comes pulled before lesson) 35.00
Jac has her own set of tools. If youd rather her use yours that is fine as well.
Please provide what ever color yarn you want for braiding or bands for banding.
Autumn Hill Farm 2673 Timber Ridge Rd Bedford Va 24523

********Please RSVP by March 13! Thanks!
Contact Danielle Toms for more information. 540-874-0377 or danielletoms80@gmail.com